The research project

About the research project

In 2018, we tasked ourselves with improving our understanding of CEO communi­cation and the future role of the trusted commu­nication advisor.

From both theoretical and practical perspectives, we have observed the increasing importance of CEO communication. In­ternally, the CEO must set a clear direction and enable optimum engagement at a time when most companies and organizations are experi­encing massive and radical transformation. Externally, the CEO needs to navigate the in­creasing demands of being a responsible com­pany, being compliant in an environment calling for more and more transparency, and meet the growing requirements of stakeholders and the media. The rise of digitization and the prolifera­tion of platforms and channels have enabled a variety of stakeholder group to be more active and engaged, both internally and externally. 

That calls for a deeper understanding of CEO communication and what kind of communi­cations advice is needed – and which character­istics will be most essential for future communi­cations advisors working with top management. This is was this research project is all about.

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Co-creation and the new research value chain

In this research project we apply a system of co-creation for research, through which we aim to active­ly collaborate with practitioners, create new knowledge and expand our understanding together. Our goal is to establish a knowledge-creating relationship where both practitioners and researchers are engaged in a joint endeavor to identify, analyze and develop solutions for relevant real-world problems and dilemmas. 

We do this by involving practitioners in the new research value chain where both researchers and prac­titioners employ their respective knowledge when discussing research questions, data, analyses and future practices during workshops and meetings.